Can a balanced diet make you leaner and stronger ?

Can a balanced diet make you leaner and stronger ?

Packaged Health Foods:

The claims of most of the health food advertisements are highly exaggerated. There is no single food with special health giving properties.  There is no special weight reducing food. The only really effective way of cutting down weight is using more will power to eat right and to adapt healthy living The preservatives of canned food do more harm than benefits. They may work temporarily but not practicable for a lifetime of healthy living.

An apple a day certainly will not keep doctor away . Nor can the memory be strengthened if 12 almonds a day are eaten while ignoring healthy habits.

A simple well balanced diet with right combination of foods will supply all the necessary nutrients and at far less cost.


Quantity and frequency of food:

The major problem about diet is that the average adult normally eats far more than is necessary for health. In fact , the excess of food that is eaten probably does harm.One should eat in such a way that after one has finished a meal, one is in a position to eat some more means eat less than hunger.One should never eat till one feels fit to burst.This is very important guide for good health and feeling of well being.

Another important point  about good health is that it is far better to eat small healthy meals a number of times a day rather than overloading stomach at a time.

The best distribution for food is a substantial breakfast ,a moderate lunch and a light supper.

Its better to EAT LESS BUT RIGHT.


Correct method of cooking:

In countless homes much of the nourishment of food is destroyed by incorrect cooking. For example , the water in which vegetables are cooked should never be thrown away , because this water often contains the bulk of the nourishment of the food which has been cooked in it.

Warming food over and over again kills the nutrients of the food. Thus try to warm as much food as required for the serving at a time.

Adding too much spices and cooking too much also kill nutritional value of food. It is always recommended to steam the vegetables before adding spices to get full nutrition.



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