Ancient Mantra of Fitness

Ancient Mantra of Fitness
  • Meditation helps to relief stress , improves concentration and connects you with yourself
  • Pranayama helps to improve your respiratory muscles strength , it also helps to cope up respiratory distress . The three phases of breathing inhalation , exhalation and retention of breath are part of it .
  • Stretching of muscles involved during Yoga asana helps to improve felxibility.
  • Holding the posture of asana improve balance.
  • Co-contraction of muscles helps in muscle strengthening. This takes place when you hold the pose for few seconds.
  • There are asanas which help to fight back pain like cobra pose , pelvic bridging etc.
  • Slow and rhythmic movements help in improving mind and body coordination . 
  • Improves body posture and boost confidence .
  • Relaxation techniques  helps in releasing stress .
  • From performing to Holding a posture , asanas helps to burn those stubborn fat and calories.
  • Asanas are done by lifting your own body weight making it a wonderful resistance exercise for strengthening muscles and soft tissues.

From fighting insomnia , depression, musculoskeletal issues to obesity , Yoga can help in various ways to improve well-being. A beautiful way to start your walk towards healthy lifestyle , no equipments required , all you need is willingness and dedication .

Stay healthy and fit .


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